Introducing the inkBOOK 8

inkBOOK 8 is a professional e-book reader with large, 8-inch e-paper screen. Designed by MIDIA for power users looking for great reading experience. Recommended for large-format publications such as documents, newspapers, handbooks and comic books.

inkBOOK 8 is an e-book reader of a much more professional character, which distinguishes itself from popular 6-inch screen e-readers. Its large, 8-inch E Ink display is designed for home and office use. It will be appreciated by comic book lovers and users who deal with PDF documents and specialist publications. The new inkBOOK gives a possibility to view more content on a single page and adjust the font size more efficiently. Students will fall in love with the inkBOOK 8 as it facilitates convenient use of digital handbooks.


Despite its diagonal, inkBOOK 8 is one of the slimmest e-book readers on the market. Its case, which is only 8.4 mm thick, holds the front-lit E Ink Pearl™ touchscreen display with 1024 x 786 resolution. The screen has a comfortable 4:3 aspect ratio. Reading experience with the new inkBOOK is comparable to the printed book.

The new model was built on the experience of the MIDIA brand, well known from it 6-inch inkBOOK Obsidian e-reader. The device also features the popular Android OS – an open ecosystem with support for apps installation. It enables a broad personalization for best possible user experience. inkBOOK users can also benefit from the free Midiapolis media package. The Midiapolis Drive makes possible sending e-books and documents directly to the device through Wi-Fi while the Midiapolis News app enables the user to read online articles in the most convenient way.


The EPD (Electronic Paper Display) of inkBOOK 8, manufactured by E Ink™, is a very energy efficient display. The bigger screen size means that the user doesn’t have to turn the pages so frequently. As a result, the battery life of the device can be extended. Under normal conditions, the new inkBOOK needs to be charged only once every few weeks. inkBOOK 8 is much handier than a tablet, and its matte screen reduces glare while paper-like texture makes reading experience much more enjoyable. The front-lit intensity of display can be easy adjusted, so user’s eyes will not suffer even after several hours of constant reading.

The reader has 8 GB of built-in memory and a microSD card reader for media up to 32 GB. It has Wi-Fi capability (802.11b/g/n), and comes with the support of most popular e-book formats such as: EPUB, MOBI and PDF (with reflow). inkBOOK 8 has a tablet form factor (198 x 144 x 8.4 mm) and weighs only 258 g.


inkBOOK 8 will be available from March at the suggested retail price of 199 EUR/188 GBP/199 USD for EU/UK/US markets. It has a dedicated book-style case for better protection, which can be purchased separately for 19 EUR/17 GBP/19 USD.