inkBOOK Obsidian will make you cheat on paperback books

inkBOOK Obsidian is an intriguing new e-book reader, now in stock. The Flat Glass Solution™ technology provides high resolution, ergonomics and stylish looks. Obsidian will make you rediscover the joy of reading.

Arta Tech Company introduces new e-book reader: inkBOOK Obsidian, that combines the biggest advantages of the previous model (inkBOOK Onyx) with Flat Glass Solution™ display. Obsidian has got a characteristic display that fits the housing, creating a flat surface. Thanks to that, the e-reader is very easy-to-use and handy.

Compared to most of the e-book readers commercially available, new inkBOOK looks very minimalistic. E Ink Carta™ 6” display has a resolution of 1024×758 px (212 PPI) and built-in adjustable ambient light (easy on the eyes). Obsidian’s touchscreen is sensitive and intuitive to use as it operates the same gestures as smartphones or tablets. Comparing to the older e-readers, E Ink Carta™ display offers 50% improved contrast ratio. The display is matte and imitates a sheet of paper. It reflects less light so reading e-books is really comfortable, incomparable better to reading on a tablet. Even while reading for hours, eyes are not tired. The device needs to be charged once every few weeks.

Obsidian is running Android. It can connect to Wi-Fi, operate mobile apps and it allows to read e-books in several formats (EPUB, MOBI and PDF with reflow functionality). inkBOOK Obsidian users can use the web browser and Midiapolis News application. It’s easy to improve the built-in memory of the device as Obsidian supports microSD cards with capacities up to 32 GB. Along with the e-book reader, buyers get the access to the online Midiapolis Drive with more than 3000 free e-books.

inkBOOK Obsidian is in stock in Poland, in the biggest online shops with electronics (Agito, Komputronik, Media Expert, RTV Euro AGD, X-KOM and others). It costs around 599 PLN. Soon it will be available in Legimi – online e-books store – with an unlimited e-books subscription.