inkBOOK Prime and Classic 2 got better! Dictionaries, Speed improvements and more. Download firmware update 1.1

Today, we are rolling out an 1.1 update to inkBOOK Classic 2 and Prime users that makes their e-readers run smoother and quicker. There are also new features.

  • NEW: Dictionaries: English and Polish with translations to many other languages. Polish dictionary contains over 67 000 entries (101 definitions), including over 635 proverbs. Additionally, entries contain synonyms, quotations, related terms and more.
  • NEW: Configurator. It can personalize user experiences to meet publisher’s profile.
  • NEW: Main Screen App Personalization. Now you can have a quick access to your favorite apps from the main screen.
  • NEW: Ability to change the lock-screen screensaver. Make your inkBOOK stand out!
  • Indexing mechanism has been rewritten and updated. With this update, all new books are indexed much quicker.
  • Improvements to Library graphical user interface. More intuitive view.
  • Improvements to Settings graphical user interface. Quicker and simpler access to General and Advanced settings.
  • Bug fixes and improvements for reliability and speed.
  • Improvements to Rapid Refresh technology.

Notice: this update might overwrite some of the settings, reading progress, notes, bookmarks. Please save those before updating.

The update is available to download over-the-air. Just connect your inkBOOK to Wi-Fi and a window with the update information will pop-up after a few moments. Follow instructions on the screen.