inkBOOK e-Readers Awarded with Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot is the most prestigious award for industrial design given to world’s best products and brands. In the contest’s latest edition, Red Dot: Product Design 2017 was awarded to Polish electronic book readers, inkBOOK.

This year, the prize for outstanding design and innovation was awarded to inkBOOK – brand of e-book readers, for models inkBOOK Prime and inkBOOK Classic 2. The devices’ designs were developed in Poland in cooperation with a design atelier, ID Design. The authors decided to bid farewell to the traditional e-readers’ design that makes them hard to tell apart from tablets.

In the course of our operations, we have pooled a lot of experience we then used while working on inkBOOK Prime and inkBOOK Classic 2. Having analysed a number of aspects, we noted that the e-reader user has completely different requirements than those for a smartphone or a tablet, that are used often, but for short periods of time – for several or a dozen minutes or so at a time. Reading a book takes up to several hours, which creates entirely different conditions. We decided to break the tendency dominating currently and present a design that emphasizes ergonomics above all. The key aspects were: how comfortably the device fits into your hands when held for many hours and reduction of both eye and hand strain,” said Paweł Horbaczewski, the founder of inkBOOK’s manufacturer, the Arta Tech company.

The case was shaped for a firmer grab and imitates the feeling holding a traditional hard copy book gives you. As interesting are the physical keys with an innovative inkBUTTONS™ mechanism, which, along with the E Ink touch screen, add to the device’s comfort of use.

inkBOOK Prime and inkBOOK Classic 2 readers were created out of passion that can be compared to the commitment a bookbinder had to put into making a cover for a book years ago. The way inkBOOKs were shaped makes them easier to grab and feel secure in your hands. The design of the back surface with curving lines was inspired by a book being opened. This is how we got the perfect fit to your palm and subtle support for your fingers. The back cover slopes towards its edges and makes it seem slimmer and visually lighter”, said Piotr Maciejewski, the founder of ID Design atelier responsible for designing the new inkBOOK readers.

The software graphic interface, based on Android, was designed from scratch, so that it is as intuitive to navigate as ever. Additional apps can expand new inkBOOK’s capabilities.

The front part is characterised by gentle lines that enable you to focus on what is most important – the screen that displays the content. Just above the bottom edge, we placed the “return” button. Such a location doesn’t allow it to be pressed by accident. For the same reasons, we placed the on/off button in the top corner at the back”, adds Maciejewski.

Design lovers and designers recognise the gravity of Red Dot Award international design competition. The awards were announced for the first time more than 60 years ago and, since then, each year, an expert team comprising of the most famous designers, journalists, and other influential people from within the industry, awards the most innovative designs. Products awarded with Red Dot will be presented for five weeks at world’s largest exhibition of contemporary design “Design on Stage” at the Red Dot Design museum in Essen, Germany. Their pictures will be published in the Red Dot Design Yearbook catalogue, Red Dot App, and on the Red Dot 21 design platform. This year’s Red Dot award ceremony will be held on 3rd July 2017 in Essen.

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