To properly perform a manual installation of the update, follow the instructions below. Installing update
  1. Click below button “download update” in order to download the file.
  2. Connect inkWATCH to USB port of your computer.
  3. Extract the file and copy the directory with update directly to the root directory of watch’ internal memory (next to TRAINER directory).
  4. Charge the inkWATCH to 100%. It will prevent the device from powering down during the update process and possible update failure. We recommend backing up the files from internal memory (especially your training files from TRAINER/ACTIVITIES) to computer to prevent data loss.
  5. Disconnect inkWATCH from computer.
  6. inkWATCH will automatically begin to update. Wait till the gear icon disappears and the device will reboot.
  7. You will need to choose the language and input your data.
Changes in update:
  1. Fixed problem with resetting the time after connecting inkWATCH to computer
  2. Improved battery life
  3. Minor bugfixes

Version history:

Changes V2.15 - 151111
  1. Added easy navigation to a POI to the cross-country
  2. Improved UI appearance
  3. Fixed minor bugs

Update: 2.15 - 160127