8-inch E Ink Pearl screen, with 4:3 ratio

Screen of inkBOOK 8 can fit more content than 6-inch models. This translates to improved reading comfort and a lower amount of page flips, which further extends the battery operation.

Frontlit touchscreen

Frontlit screen makes reading books in the dark and in direct sunlight more comfortable. Whether you're on the beach or in bed - text and images are 100% readable. Ability to use the touch screen increases the convenience. In addition, the matt surface greatly reduces reflections of light, which translates into even higher comfort.


inkBOOK 8 is based on the popular and appreciated Android system. Its functionality has been extended to a dedicated overlay for e-reading enthusiasts. It is an integral part of a package of useful services and applications. Midiapolis News enables comfortable downloading and reading content from the Internet, Midiapolis Drive enables quick and easy transfer of books and documents directly to the device.

Weeks on one charge

The screen of the device, utilizes technology of e-paper which is very energy efficient. In the normal cycle of use you need to charge the device once every few weeks. You can even forget the charger for holiday and favorite e-books will be constantly at your fingertips.

Do you know that using inkBOOK 8 you can…

Listen and read

Install favorite audio player to listen to music while reading. Connect headphones and start reading with background music.

Install favorite apps

As one of the few e-readers in the world, inkBOOK allows you to install Android apps, which can significantly extend functionality of your device.

Receive and send e-mails

At the time when the battery in your smartphone or tablet is discharged, use Mail app on inkBOOK to receive this important email. Compose a message online and offline.

Technical specification

Screen 8” E Ink Pearl™ (EPD, 16 shades of grey), 1024 x 768 px resolution (160 DPI), touch enabled (capacitive)
Frontlight Yes (dimmable)
Dimensions 198 x 144 x 8,4 mm, 258 g
Battery 2800 mAh, Li-Ion Polymer
Built in memory 8 GB
Wireless connection Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Ports micro-USB 2.0, microSD cards support up to 32 GB
Processor and RAM memory Dual-Core Cortex A9 1.0GHz, 512 MB RAM
Supported formats EPUB, PDF (reflow), MOBI (w/o DRM), TXT, FB2, HTML, RTF, CHM

Friendly and efficient inkBOOK

Support for many formats

The device allows you to open many popular file formats. inkBOOK supports the international standard of e-books EPUB with DRM (Adobe ADEPT).

Efficient processor

inkBOOK 8 is equipped with a fast dual-core processor, which is managed by the Android 4.2. Opening e-books or application takes little time, increasing comfort.

Gigabyte for your files

8 GB of built in memory and option to increase it by up to 32 GB microSD card allows you to keep dozens of thousands of publications.

Note everything that comes to mind

With apps like WPS Office read, create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.


For me a screen size of this device is an asset. inkBOOK 8 was really good device for reading both, e-books and WWW.. Myapple.pl

Models comparision

inkBOOK Classic
inkBOOK Obsidian
inkBOOK 8
Best fit for: Just reading books Reading books, e-content from Internet and using e-library Reading books, comics, e-content from Internet and using e-library
I’m listening to audiobooks No No Yes
I’m using Android apps No Yes Yes
Touchscreen No Yes Yes
Dictionaries No Yes Yes
Midiapolis cloud drive Yes Yes Yes

All your books on inkBOOK 8




With Midiapolis Drive, application for cloud drive, all your e-books are with you, wherever you are. On the Drive you will find all your purchased on Midiapolis.com publications.


Thanks to built in WiFi module for wireless connection and web browser, web surfing hasn't been easier. The screen displays more content and it draws much less power than LCD.

Thanks to inkbook 8 reading books is even better! Check on your own!