To properly perform a manual installation of the update, follow the instructions below. 1. Install the update
  1. Click the below button "Download update", in order to download the file with update: update.img (Inkbook_classic_20160222-1.0.0).
  2. Save the file with update.img in root directory on microSD card. Before saving the file format the card to FAT32.
  3. Before proceeding, we strongly recommend connecting the charger. This will prevent the shutdown of the unit due to battery discharge, and thus, errors in the system. We recommend also to copy your files from the reader to a computer.
  4. Turn on the device, while holding the OK button (in the middle of the case) until a big sign appears at the bottom of the screen saying: 'Update'
  5. You can now release the button, the rest of the setup process is done automatically.
  6. The process can take up to several minutes.
  7. After the upgrade the device will restart automatically, remove the update file and will be ready for further work.
  8. This version of update does not require formatting internal memory.
  9. DISCLAIMER: standby mode does not increase the batter life. We recommend shutting down the device completely or setting auto shut down time to 10 minutes to increase the battery life.
Changes in update:
  1. Fixed loading "recently added"
  2. Improved readability of Settings
  3. Optimise refresh function
  4. Fixed minor bugs