InkBOOK Classic Technical Specification

Do you know what stands out e-paper?

Advanced electronic paper

inkBOOK Classic stands out with screen with the latest technology E Ink Carta ™, which mimics a piece of paper. It provides a higher contrast by 50% and 20% better visibility in sunlight compared with the previous Pearl generation. This makes it suitable for all kinds of literature – books, journals, magazines, textbooks.

Safe for your eyes

Unlike phones and tablets with colorful, blinking LCD screens, the screen in e-paper technology does not affect your vision, even with long hours of reading.

Clear text for easy reading

Thanks to high contrast and high resolution the on-screen text is clearer in comparison to other devices in its price point. Using inkBOOK Classic makes the impression of reading classic paper publication with clear letters.

Technical specification


Screen 6” E Ink Carta (EPD, 16 shades of grey), 1024 x 758 px resolution (212 ppi)
Frontlight No
Dimensions 163 x 115 x 7 mm, 175 g
Battery 1500 mAh, Li-ION
Built in memory 4 GB
Wireless connection Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Ports micro-USB 2.0, microSD card slot
Supported formats EPUB, PDF (reflow), MOBI (w/o DRM), TXT, FB2, HTML, RTF, CHM

inkBOOK always at your side

Small and handy

inkBOOK Classic is almost as slim as a pencil and lighter than most books. The reader can be held comfortably in one hand and you can take it anywhere – to school, work, or other favorite place. Its mobility is especially appreciated by pupils and students, who have to carry a lot of heavy textbooks every day.

Weeks on one charge

One of the advantages of e-paper is a very low power consumption. Once fully charged, the battery can run for up to several weeks. It makes the inkBOOK Classic an indispensable partner for any holiday.

Convenience of e-reading

When you have finished reading you can set aside the reader without having to remember which page you left off. inkBOOK will open the book where recently finished. You can also add bookmarks as in printed books – only more convenient, and without limits.

Support for many formats

The device allows you to open many popular file formats. inkBOOK supports the international standard of e-books EPUB with DRM (Adobe ADEPT).


inkBOOK Classic is just a simple e-reader. Neither more nor less. It’s exactly a device which works really good.

Models comparision

inkBOOK Classic

inkBOOK Obsidian

inkBOOK 8

Best fit for: Just reading books Reading books, e-content from Internet and using e-library Reading books, comics, e-content from Internet and using e-library
I’m listening to audiobooks No No Yes
I’m using Android apps No Yes Yes
Touchscreen No Yes Yes
Dictionaries No Yes Yes
Midiapolis cloud drive Yes Yes Yes

All your books on inkBOOK Classic




With Midiapolis Drive, application for cloud drive, all your e-books are with you, wherever you are. On the Drive you will find all your purchased on publications.


Whilst designing inkBOOK Classic we wanted to create a device that will simplify the reading of e-publication. Just upload or download the e-book, run it from the main menu and you can enjoy reading. Zero complications with converting formats, special cables and software for synchronization.

Thanks to inkbook Classic reading books is even better! Check on your own!