inkBOOK Obsidian – firmware update


To properly perform a manual installation of the update, follow the instructions below.

1. Install the update for A to E serial numbers only (e.g. IB-OBS-B-000000)

  1. Click the below button “Download update“, in order to download the file with update: (inkBOOK-obsidian_2015112015-V1.0.0).
  2. Save the update file ( directly in the root directory of the microSD card or the root of the internal memory of the device.
  3. Before proceeding, we strongly recommend connecting the charger. This will prevent the shutdown of the unit due to battery discharge, and thus, errors in the system. We recommend also to copy your files from the reader to a computer.
  4. Turn on the device, and then put the microSD card into the slot.
  5. When the reader detects the presence of an update, the screen will appear with information: “Found the update file ‘…… /’. Do you want to install?”. You should confirm the process by clicking “Install”. The update process can take up to several minutes.
  6. After the upgrade the device will restart automatically, remove the update file and will be ready for further work.

Changes in update:

  1. Updated application Midiapolis Drive
  2. Updated languages: Italian, Romanian, Spanish
  3. Modified SetupWizard
  4. Fixed minor bugs

Version history:

  1. Fixed power button function
  2. Fixed text highlight
  3. Function “volume key button” removed – this eliminates errors of side buttons
  4. Improved settings of reading position