6” E Ink Carta screen with Flat Glass Solution

E Ink Carta™ is the newest incarnation of electronic paper display (EPD). Probably the most advanced paper imitating technology available on the market. It combines eye saving display and low power drain with high contrast. Six inch diameter meets expectations of both convenience of reading and mobility. Flat Glass Solution makes Obsidian super slim. It's comfortable to hold, lighter than a book, and fits in your pocket.

Frontlit touch screen

LED frontlight not only allows you to read in the evenings but also increases contrast in direct sunlight. So whether you’re lying on the beach or in your bed – the image remains 100% clear. In addition we have made it touchable for your convenience. Obsidian has also backlit home button that’s easy to find, even in the dark.


inkBOOK Obsidian opens most popular e-books formats like PDF, EPUB and MOBI. You can also use it for reading FB2, RTF, TXT files and even HTML documents.

Weeks on one charge

Mostly due to the E Ink screen extreme low power drain the device can work for weeks on one charge. Even if You forget a charger, battery will still last for hundreds of pages, or more.

See what inkBOOK Obsidian stands out with

Flat Glass Solution screen

Flat Glass Solution makes inkBOOK Obsidian very sleek and the frames are on the same level as screen. It's also lighter than a book and fits into your pocket.

Read comfortable, even at night

Uses light-emitting diodes illuminating the screen from the top, and not directly towards the user, causing it friendly for your eyes. It can be freely adjusted or turned off completely.

Support for many formats

The device allows you to open many popular file formats. inkBOOK supports the international standard of e-books EPUB with DRM (Adobe ADEPT).

Technical specification

Screen6” E Ink Carta (EPD, 16 shades of grey), 1024 x 758 px resolution (212 ppi) Touchenabled (capacitive), Flat Glass Solution
FrontlightYes, dimmable
Dimensions158 x 118 x 8 mm, 196 g
Battery2800 mAh, Li-ION
Built in memory8 GB
Wireless connectionYes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Portsmicro-USB 2.0, microSDsupporting 32 GBcards
Processor and RAM memoryDual-Core Cortex A9 1.0GHz, 512 MB RAM
Supported formatsEPUB, PDF (reflow), MOBI (w/o DRM), TXT, FB2, HTML, RTF, CHM

As versatile as tablet

Install favorite apps

As one of the few e-readers in the world, inkBOOK allows you to install Android apps, which can significantly extend functionality of your device.

Opens PDF files, even the complex ones

Multi-column PDF files can be displayed in a single column of enlarged text. The reflow functions intelligently "cuts" the text of each column and creates one, with continuous text. This allows reading of the content more comfortably. This feature is not present in the reader Amazon Kindle.

Gigabyte for your files

8 GB of built in memory and option to increase it by up to 32 GB microSD card allows you to keep dozens of thousands of publications.

Check translations and definitions in the dictionary

If you come across a word you do not know - use the built in dictionary. inkBOOK lets you quickly search for definitions or translate words without leaving a book or manual.


After a few days with inkBOOK Obsidian I can recommend it with a clear conscience to e-books lovers which are paying attention to design, reliability and flexibility. At least it’s possible to install apps on the device. Dobreprogramy.pl
Obsidian meets all my demands, which is very important to me. Display is white as a sheet of paper, interface is smooth, without ghosting while reading. You can create bookmarks and notes, and it’s usability rocks when you spend your evenings with e-books… Obsidian is all you need! Spidersweb.pl

Models comparision

inkBOOK Classic
inkBOOK Obsidian
inkBOOK 8
Best fit for: Just reading books Reading books, e-content from Internet and using e-library Reading books, comics, e-content from Internet and using e-library
I’m listening to audiobooks No No Yes
I’m using Android apps No Yes Yes
Touchscreen No Yes Yes
Dictionaries No Yes Yes
Midiapolis cloud drive Yes Yes Yes

All your books on inkBOOK Obsidian




With Midiapolis Drive, application for cloud drive, all your e-books are with you, wherever you are. On the Drive you will find all your purchased on Midiapolis.com publications.


Thanks to built in WiFi module for wireless connection and web browser, web surfing hasn't been easier. The screen displays more content and it draws much less power than LCD.

Thanks to inkbook Obsidian reading books is even better! Check on your own!