Smart sport watch

Omni-active sport watch for jogging, running, cycling and swimming. inkWATCH TRIA Plus is solid, versatile, sweat and waterproof companion for your workouts. It’s app-boosted with Bluetooth communication.

Share your accomplishments

Let your friends know how active you are. With inkWATCH you can export your training data to social media and trackers, like: export of completed training to Endomondo Sports Tracker™ or Runtastic™.

Find your way

Built-in GPS module with QuickFix function provides real time position tracking. Use it as you want, while jogging or hiking. You can always use a navigation mode in cross country running.

Count on it

Long battery life. 60 days in smartwatch mode, 11 hours with enabled GPS module. inkWATCH TRIA Plus is always ready for your workout and its battery still can last a day more.

Sports watch for you!

For all kinds of sports

Register data on walking, running, cycling, swimming - both inside and outside the hall.

Create an individual training plan

Enjoy the features of creating a training plan and customize it to your fitness goals. Adjust the perfect warm-up, activity and rest. Afterwards check whether you achieved the objectives set - calories burned, distance traveled and more.

Effective interval training

Check the most important information about your workout with a glance at the watch. Improve your endurance, strength and speed by creating a series of interval trainings that meet your needs.

Technical specification

Dimensions 45 x 45 x 15 mm , 67g
Case and beltmaterial Plastic
Screen LCD Sharp, 24 x 24 mm, 128 x 128 px, backlit
Waterproof 50 m
Communication Bluetooth, USB, inkWATCH Viewer LITE app (optional)
Battery Li-ion, built-in
Functions Time, date, GPS receiver with QuickFix, Smart Band, Virtual Trainer
Measurements Time, distance, calories, alerts, tempo, pedometer, stopper, timer
Optional Heartrate monitor, cadence meter
Package contents inkWATCH Tria+, USB cable, manual

inkWATCH Viewer LITE mobile application

Everything in one place

inkWATCH Viewer LITE presents a clear panel with information that are most important to you. The application displays a map of prior training, detailed charts and more.

Get to know yourself and improve your efficiency 

It supports analysis of activity by a clear presentation of the reports of the training. Thanks to precise statistics, discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Share with one tap 

Each marathon, Tour de France or crossed La Manche you can share on Facebook with one tap.

Train with Virutal Partner

The task of the virtual partner is to increase your motivation for strenuous workouts and improve performance. Start training and see if you keep up with him.

Many sports - one watch




Watch supported by inkWATCH Viewer Lite mobile application is a complete set for each athlete, which you can wear all day. inkWATCH not only helps in maintaining health and achieving the objectives, but also works well in everyday use.

Easy connection

Connect wirelessly your smartphone with wtach via Bluetooth® to quickly and easily customize the functions of the device.


inkWATCH TRIA Plus is an interesting sport watch with GPS with huge capabilities and really good pice. Thanks to build-in pedometer and long battery life (with GPS turned off), inkWATCH TRIA Plus can replace both, a watch and a smartband.
The watch is waterproof, shock resistant and has a durable, scratch resistant glass. Device is worth attention, because it is Polish product with a very good value for money. RUNNER's WORLD

Models comparision

inkWATCH Tria+
inkWATCH Tria
Best fit for: Exercising, planning and analysing training Exercising, planning and analysing training. Easy synchronization with apps and social media
Suitable for swimming, running, biking Yes Yes
GPS tracing Yes Yes
Displaying time, tempo and distance Yes Yes
Personal assistant and Smartband Yes No