tria specification

Do you run, bike or swim?

Indoor and outdoor

Register data on walking, running, cycling, swimming – both inside and outside the hall.

Suitable for heavy duty

inkWATCH TRIA is waterproof to 50 meters, shock resistant and equipped with durable and scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Its battery can work up to 11 hours in a training mode (GPS) and up to 60 days standby watch.

Train at all times

Display with high resolution and contrast ensures proper readability even in bright sunlight, while the backlight is helpful at night.

Technical specification


Dimensions 45 x 45 x 15 mm , 57g
Case and beltmaterial Plastic
Screen LCD Sharp, 24 x 24 mm, 128 x 128 px, backlit
Waterproof 50 m
Communication USB

Battery Li-ion, built-in
Functions Time, date, GPS receiver with QuickFix, Virtual Trainer
Measurements Time, distance, calories, alerts, tempo, pedometer, stoper, timer
Optional Heartrate monitor, cadence meter
Package contents inkWATCH Tria, USBcable, manual

Intelligent trainings

Train with a virtual partner

The task of the virtual partner is to increase your motivation for strenuous workouts and improve performance. Start training and see if you keep up with him.

History of trainigs

History function allows you to save your exercises with geographical location with very sensitive and accurate GPS receiver.

Personal records

Records function automatically displays and alerts you when beating personal records, such as fastest km, 5 km, 10 km, marathon and more. The results are recorded and updated automatically without any manual intervention.

Any statistics at hand

You can configure the watch to display the information you need during your training session. Choose from multiple data groups, among others: speed steps, distance, pace, calories and more.

Many sports – one watch




inkWATCH TRIA is easy to operate through physical buttons during the workout. It is equipped with a strap that ensures a comfortable fit on your hand and durability for long-term use.


The software updates add new capabilities and improve the present. Upgrade process is simple and stress free.


inkWATCH TRIA looks rugged and it really is a solid sport watchmade from durable plastic. The device is waterproof to 50 and shock resistant.


inkWATCH TRIA is a sport watch with great potential. It draws attention by its high quality materials and workmanship.

Models comparision

inkWATCH Tria+

inkWATCH Tria

Best fit for: Exercising, planning and analysing training Exercising, planning and analysing training. Easy synchronization with apps and social media
Suitable for swimming, running, biking Yes Yes
GPS tracing Yes Yes
Displaying time, tempo and distance Yes Yes
Personal assistant and Smartband Yes No
Easy communication with smartphone Yes No