Limited Warranty

Make sure that you have read the Quick Start Gudie Manual carefully before you turn on your device!

Please contact with the Support Team to report malfunction of device at Support Officer will help you to solve the problem remotely and if such solution will be not possible they will ask you to deliver your device to authorized Service Center.

1. Warranty Terms:

The Warranty for the device is 12 months after purchase. All complaints referred to a product will be verified and confirmed by Authorized Service. Warranty Service, after diagnosis, will forward device to authorized service (for repair) or replace device with brand new one.

2. This warranty card automatically expires under the following circumstances (customer can still enjoy fee-based maintenance services):

  • – No MIDIA/inkBOOK/inkWATCH/inkPHONE trademarks on product.
  • – Violation of the seals placed on the equipment or components.
  • – Disassembling, the product without authorization or by other servicing company than Arta Tech.
  • – No Serial Numbers on product.
  • – Damage caused by user abnormal operations or wrong purchase of use (subject to the environmental with too wet or too dry, unstable voltage or current, voltage is too large, etc.).
  • – All damages including liquid, chemicals crack, improper plugging, overvoltage, insects etc.
  • – Mechanical damages and effects caused by them.
  • – Natural degradation and wear on equipment.
  • – Damage caused by Force Majeure (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake and other disasters).
  • – Defects or malfunctions caused by conflict or incompatibility between the installed applications and operating environment.
  • – Effects of computer viruses and malicious software.

3. Maintenance Services Notices:

– Repair under warranty will be honored only on the basis of a properly completed warranty card or proof of purchase (documents should include the date of purchase, product model and full name of the seller).
– The Service Center reserves the right to refuse warranty service if the information in the documents, which were mentioned above are incorrect, incomplete, illegible, blurred, erased, torn, etc.
– The producers warranty period is 12 months from the date of sale.
– If you have purchased the device in your country, and law regulation in your country demand longer warranty period, then you are granted such warranty for a period not longer then minimal allowed by law.
– Repair will be made ​​as soon as possible. Sometimes the time may be extended, by import of spare parts.
– Service Centre reserves the right to replace the damaged components, the product or part to new or refurbished. All replaced parts and products become the property of the service, are not recoverable.
– The warranty covers only the components / electrical components (motherboard, screen, etc.) – Does not include housing, instructions, packaging and other accessories eg. Batteries
– Producer, Distributor or Service Center shall not be liable for any loss of data, etc. as a result of damage to the equipment or to carry out repair work. It is recommended to make periodic backup of data and especially backup before sending the unit for service.

4. Consumables (including batteries):

Consumables need to be periodical replaced ( battery for example). Basing on warranty terms, we declare that battery included into device is manufacturing and material defects free, and will remain in this condition for 12 months period. The battery degradation (shorter working time) during this period in normal and shall not be a reason for claims.

5. Particular declaration:

In case of random malfunction, the Support Center may request the documentation showing the defect e.g. the photo, prints or movies.
– In below mentioned cases, diagnostic fee and/of shipping costs will be added.
– if a device or user for whatever reason is not entitled to warranty repair,
– the product is working properly, no malfunction of particular hardware defect detected,

The warranty for sold goods does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer arising from the non conformity of goods with the contract. Arta Tech reserves the right to interpret this Warranty Card.