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Our mission

MIDIA goal is the development of best quality, innovative products and services related to electronic paper technology. Based on our experience, we are determined to offer our customers and partners a complete solutions based on E Ink displays. We are committed to continuously improving our products and delivering on our promises.

Arta Tech’s objective is to disseminate knowledge about electronic paper technologies

The company strongly supports ecology. Enormous numbers of trees are cut down to print books and newspapers, tons of fuel are burnt to transport trees and produce paper, harmful substances are released to the environment. Ca. 17 trees must be used to produce a ton of paper, while in an e-book reader you can have thousands of books, for which no tree had to be cut down. Visually, there are no differences between e-ink and real paper. E-book devices do not consume energy all the time, since they need it to “turn pages” only. If you charge a battery once, you can read up to 80 books until it gets discharged.