Wireless OTA updates

  1. If your device is not connected with the internet, please choose the option “Internet connection”, choose your Wi-Fi network and enter data to access.
  2. Click on the icon „Settings” in the menu „Apps” on the application bar or on the status bar. Choose subpage “Advanced settings” and next – “About inkBOOK”.
  3. On the subpage “About inkBOOK” choose option “System update”
  4. Then, on the screen “System Update” please click the button “Check now”.
  5. The availability of updates will be checked automatically.
  6. If any updates will not be available you will see the message “The current version is the latest!”
  7. If update will be available system will be updated automatically.
  8. We recommend to connect the device to a power source or PC during downloading and installing updates to make sure it has enough power for update.
  History version:
  1. Translation fixes;
  2. Improvements in the configuration process;
  1. Added zoom in PDF files;
  2. Fixed issue while opening MOBI files;
  3. Fixed a problem with automatic disabling of WiFi;
  4. Added synchronization with Adobe Cloud;
  5. Added Hungarian nad Latvian languages;
  6. Small fixes and improvements in inkBOOKReader app;
  7. Improved battery life;
  8. Other minor improvements and fixes.
  1. Fix for the automatic shutdown of the device as defined in Settings
  2. Improved reading for RTF and TXT files in Polish
  3. Rebranded Bookstore from Midiapolis to inkBOOKS.eu
  4. Improvements in the file scanning mechanism
  5. Improvements in the screensaver replacement mechanism
  1. Added support for EPUB3
  2. New interface languages: hebrew, arabic, slovenian
  3. Minor bug fixes and improvements
  1. Rare problem fixed with saving notes, bookmarks, highlights after update.
  2. Minor updates to the File Manager app. Ability to select and remove many files at once.
  1. NEW: Dictionaries: English and Polish with translations to many other languages. Polish dictionary contains over 67 000 entries (101 definitions), including over 635 proverbs. Additionally, entries contain synonyms, quotations, related terms and more.
  2. NEW: Configurator. It can personalize user experiences to meet publisher's profile.
  3. NEW: Main Screen Apps Personalization. Now you can have a quick access to your favorite apps from the main screen.
  4. NEW: Ability to change the lock-screen screensaver. Make your inkBOOK stand out!
  5. Indexing mechanism has been rewritten and updated. With this update, all new books are indexed much quicker.
  6. NEW: inkBOOK is available in two new languages - Hebrew and Arabic.
  7. Improvements to Library graphical user interface. More intuitive view.
  8. Improvements to Settings graphical user interface. Quicker and simpler access to Quicker and simpler access to General and Advanced settings.
  9. Improvements to Rapid Refresh technology.
  10. Bug fixes and improvements for reliability and speed.
Notice: this update might overwrite some of the settings, reading progress, notes, bookmarks. Please save those before updating.